Intentionis' origins:


Intentionis is a technology company founded in 2009 at the heart of the Sillicon Valley. We operate Worldwide. We are building the first software platform - and associated infrastructure - focused on transcending the potential of mobile sensors (sometimes called "MEMs"). Using our platform, we've already developed and commercialized a few disruptive mobile applications.



15 years experience in the Consumer Electronic space; recognized Technologist and Product strategist; more than a dozen mass-produced products to date and several complex large-scale software. Masters in Robotics from Pierre et Marie Curie University (France), Ph.D in signal processing, IEEE senior member. More information available on linkedin View Frantz Lohier's profile on LinkedIn



History of Intentionis:



  • Marching on with our technology and unrolling more and more clients - stay tuned

  • 2013______________________________________________________________

    • September - We are proudly releasing the much requested RESTful interface for our "readsensor" web query portal
    • June - 3 more sensors are now available on Android. Our NEW sensor prediction module is now available in early preview. Thanks to our database, developers can now forcast sensors or statues values based on past data.
    • April-May - Team expansion and a brand new web-site clearely highlighting the benefit of our technology and few of the use cases we enable. Our iOS SDK is now fully released, along code sample
    • March - We are releasing a new web portal for our AmBuTALK application. Additionally, 2 more sensors and statuses are added to our sensor streaming SDK on Android
    • Fev - We are thrilled to see Suranga Chandratillake, a key figure in the big-data space, join our advisory team
    • Fev - Intentionis is releasing version 2.0 of its sensory optimized cloud data infrastructure as well as a preview of the car connected engine. Stay tuned for more ...
    • Jan  - Intentionis SDK is now available in alpha release for iOS


    • Oct - AmBuTRACK3D for iOS was submitted to the iTunes store. Also,see this video to understand how we calibrate for motion accuracy across devices and why devices may not like us :)
    • Sept - Intentionis is proud to be serving the interest of 2 emerging startups in needs for advanced mobile application and sensory-intentensive services. More on that front soon ...
    • Sept - A new version of our Android's SDK is now released supporting even more sensors and at a fraction of the battery cost of tablet and cost as ever before
    • March - Intentionis was on stage at the PlugAndPlay Spring DEMO conference!
    • Jan - After much requests, we are finally releasing the first advanced sensory SDK for developers on Android. More to come soon

    • 2011______________________________________________________________

    • Dec - See our new App portal at . Also, our "AmBuTRACK3D" signature application is now available on both the Android and Amazon Application stores. We are making advanced real-time tracking not only fun but accessible to all!
    • Nov - Visit to track your friends or assets in real-time and 3D using AmBuTRACK3D or AmBuWHERE-rt at minimal cost! A pre-cursor to a new form of fleet management is emerging. Stay tuned for more.
    • Oct - All AmBuAPPs now support the latest of Android platform. AmBuSAFE's subscription portal now reports nearby garages and hospital for added peace of mind. We are also alpha testing our fleet manager
    • portal for AmBuWHERE. More information soon!
    • Oct - Because privacy and security is of great importance to us, we are pleased to announce that Intentionis' web infrastructure passes the popular "Website Protection" monitoring test from GoDaddy hosting services
    • Oct - Intentionis' website reaches the 100K hit mark!
    • Sept - Back-to-school special ! Our free AmBuTALK mobile app and associated website can now be used to send alarms if a phone leaves a pre-defined area; ideal for parents who want to know if their kids are safe. We are also making vairous improvements to the usability of our products and web sites (HTML5 integration, improved cross-browser support, integration of the various extended services offered by our AmBuAPPs)
    • Aug - Our backbone platform is now securely hosted on Amazon AWS with 3 redundant clusters to optimize world-wide coverage for our connected Applications
    • Aug - AmBuWHERE is now available in realtime and 3D. We are also releasing a new website:
    • May - AmBuTALK portal now permits sending "sensory" message to be sent based user time and location. It's fun and ideal to voice surprise messages based on user context. Please visit for the latest!
    • April - We are glad to announce various updates; first, we recently significantly improved the functionality of AmBuTALK, second; we are continuously adapting our technology to the latest and greatest of phone and tablet devices (we are optimized for more than 70 phones); we are now fully qualified to support Android 3.0 recently released. Last and not least, we've been working hard to continue scaling our infrastructure; our "SensoTWEET" platform is now gradually able to respond to current and future regional demand
    • Feb - We are pleased to announce the full release of AmBuWHERE; a new application designed to track people, asset and more; for additional details

    • 2010_____________________________________________________________

    • Dec - AmBuSAFE's core emergency detection algorithm is further improved. By calibrating most accelerometers available in the market, we are pleased to announce 50% better fall/crash detection rate than ever before and beyond what competition can deliver!
    • Nov - We are pleased to launch both a web portal for AmBuTALK and AmBuSAFE as well as a subscription service for AmBuSAFE - all based on our maturing "SensoTWEET" technology. Please check and for additional information
    • Sept - As part of the investor conference (, we are announcing 2 new products: AmBuTALK and AmBuWHERE as well as a beta of our service portal for AmBuSAFE
    • June - See what our platform can do on youtube! Stay tuned for more videos ...
    • May - Because compliance to treatment and medication is the #1 cause of death in the world, AmBuSAFE now integrates a medication reminder module to further protect life
    • April - AmBuSAFE is now available in English, French and Spanish
    • March- New website + Twitter integration released
    • Jan - Haiti is struck by a memorable earthquake. As Smartphones continues to be deployed, AmBuSAFE will allow to assist such dramatic situations

    • 2009_____________________________________________________________

    • Dec - AmBuSAFE is released in both English & French and now supports Android 2.x kernels
    • Nov - AmBuSAFE is ranked amongst the best 25% application submitted at ADC2
    • Aug - AmBuSAFE's Beta is released as part of the Google ADC 2 developer contest - hundreds of downloads happen
    • July - AmBuSAFE's first Alpha software is released on Google's first G1 phone
    • June - Intentionis LLC is formed
    • May - AmBuSAFE is semi-finalist at the Haas business plan contest
    • Fev - "Life+Line" Business plan is submitted at the prestigious Haas Business School's Business Plan competition - one of US' best Executive MBA Program
    • Dec - The initial product and business idea emerges


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