Mobile Applications' development and Customization Services


At intentionis, we love building unique mobile applications and support value--add web services for our clients.

We do this efficiently and professionaly thanks to our flexible patent-pending technology platform (a million line of code to date) and our unique know-how. In particular, we pride ourselves in understanding mobile sensors and how they can be put to use for the success of our customers.


We follow best practices when it comes to software life cycle management/development and our breadth of knowledge and compentencies will resolve the most challenging concerns regarding integration of state-of-the-art technologies. Our competencies are strong in the area of:

- mobile application development for Android and iOS

- web 3.0 and mashup development or integration

- complex/reliable scalable IT hosting

- application certification and QA of OSes and device releases

- sensors' calibration and advanced embedded programming


Thanks to our technology, we also continue to release unique disruptive demo applications that can be rebranded or customized based on client needs. If you are a developer and want to test drive our technology, please click here.


Please contact us for your mobile application needs or to obtain demos:


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